Meet Teresa

Teresa: Dating Coach & Marriage Counselor

Teresa Ann Foxworthy is a Dating & Relationship expert, International speaker and San Francisco’s Spirituality Dating Coach. She has dedicated her life to researching the best techniques for men and women to co-create deeply nourishing love relationships. Her programs have woven together the wisdom and innovation of ancient and contemporary Love practices from around the world for men and women to experience ecstatic loving I’m very regular basis. She helps sincere men and women who are ready for transformation in the areas of online dating, dating from marriage, reigniting passion, discovering the profound importance of emotional intimacy, exploring the ancient arts of Tantra & Honoring the Feminine, as well as renewing vows, and making your next honeymoon sublime!

This all began many years ago when a friend asked Teresa to help post an online personals profile and then sift through the responses. Before she knew it, she was lecturing for diverse groups who hungered for information regarding dating and relationship success. This evolved into coaching programs & retreats for executives. Most of her clients today are senior executives from Fortune 100 companies, from around the world, who recognize the value of personal growth for more ecstatic love relationships. All of her programs are deeply heart-centered, because after all that’s where Love lives and shines the brightest!




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