Meet Teresa

International Dating Coach, Teresa, has been helping people navigate their romantic relationships for over 20 years. Her programs have a 98% success rate, when you follow her advice, because she focuses on personal growth to develop interpersonal skills.

Teresa began her Relationship Coaching practice, Love in the 21st Century, as a response to her Life Coaching clients, who mostly wanted to discuss  their Love Lives.  She has been chosen to be San Francisco’s Conscious Dating Coach, invited to speak at panels in Los Angeles & Silicon Valley, as well as spoken on numerous occasions for the San Francisco Bay Area Single Professionals’ Annual Convention.

Teresa has also given monthly workshops at Marin County’s Spirit Rock Singles Groups.  She’s also been endorsed by David Deida’s organization as being a good teacher for male-female dynamics.  They were colleagues who hadn’t met & yet arrived at similar conclusions though their respective work in the world, helping couples & singles understand how to attract & KEEP the Love of their Lives!

“There is a deep experience awaiting you once you recognize that ‘relationship is a spiritual practice,'” Teresa observes, as she relates how her Path to the Beloved workshops in the 1990s drew such large numbers for these lectures, soirees, workshops, picnics, feng shui walks, & retreats which she facilitated.  Clients work with her by phone most often.

Teresa divides her time between the Mid-Atlantic as well as both Northern & Southern California. Her hobbies include: Aqua Yoga, Fragrant Gardens, Songwriting, & Al Fresco Dinner Parties. Maui, France, Italy & Scotland are on her Bucket List.

Now, what about you?

Your personal fulfillment is riding on the hopes that you will rise to the occasion of your Life & learn the skills which will keep a smile on your face. You’ll be so happy, you’ll make everyone around you happy, too!

Growth is the key to happiness. What have you been learning?

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