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Over the last 20 years, Teresa has developed coaching programs for men who want more fulfilling relationships. She begins with Dating for Keeps, which has a 3-Stage Process: Preparation for Dating, Dating to Win! & From Dating to Marriage. Additionally, Teresa offers you Romantic Paradigms to learn which flirting style is best for your “personal mythology”.

Your fantasies are built on your life experiences, and consciously creating your vision of Love depends on you recognizing your core values, long-term compatibility, heart-felt desires, and primal needs. As you delve into self-discovery, you will quickly gain the mastery to gracefully navigate male-female dynamics.

Whether you have had may relationships or none, these coaching programs will provide you with the education and practice you need to have the relationships you desire. Teresa has a 98% success rate, when clients follow her rules. She is your one-stop shopping for personal fulfillment & domestic bliss.

Each of these programs are conducted with 3-month intervals. Two-hour sessions on a weekly basis is standard. These in-depth, weekly phone sessions catapult you into your next level of social competency. Learn from Teresa’s 30 years of research.



Every week, you will check off another task on your Dating Skills Checklist, as you move closer to the vision you hold dear in your heart. Having a woman hold safe space for you to breathe, feel, and navigate forward, improves your clarity, self-esteem, & determination to succeed in your intimate relations. Choosing the right Life partner for YOU is one of the absolutely most important decisions of your Life. This isn’t taught at home or school or with the guys. You benefit from 30 years of dedicated research.

This coaching program includes lots of benefits:

  • 5-Star Coaching program based on 30 years of research
  • Full recordings of your sessions with Teresa
  • Unlimited use of Client Hotline between sessions
  • Image & Wardrobe Makeover using Personal Color Palette
  • Personal Branding for Social Media & Online Dating Sites
  • Core Values Assessment
  • Compatibility Profile for your Life Path
  • Learn How to Flirt & Deepen Your Masculine Presence
  • Months of Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Personal Transformation Coaching
  • Attract Like-Minded Women who Fit your Life
  • Relax as you get acquainted & develop rapport



Each stage of your 3-Stage DATING SKILLS Coaching Program is a minimum of 12-Weeks. Each phone session during the quarter is two-hours long so you can quickly clear the way for your dating success.


Before you can ride off into the sunset, you have to hold your horses and enjoy your own company. Knowing who you are helps you recognize who is right for you. This will help you more easily recognize which ladies are a good fit for you. If you complete this step correctly, the rest is a breeze.



Once you’ve got yourself organized, it’s time to expedite your plan. Building your social calendar is a lot of fun, because it’s built on the exact leisure time activities you love the most. Now, you know yourself and can enjoy the dating process. Feel confident, inside & out, to meet the kind of woman you would love to bring home to your family.



It’s important to build a life for yourself first, so when you meet the right one, you will finesse the logistics and concentrate on the Love. But, you have to date yourself before you date Her. And once you meet Her, it’s essential to deepen the friendship & recognize each other’s life goals before you get too attached or disappointed. Once you go in-depth with



Learning interpersonal skills will help you for the rest of your Life. You will enjoy less drama for having studied this subject of male-female dynamics.

To learn something which will be of benefit for you entire life is worth more than you can imagine. Believe in your happiness and get the support to practice new skills.

The investment for Teresa’s DATING SKILLS for MEN program is $6800.00 for each quarter (3 months). 

Answer a few questions & you’re on your way to a more fulfilling personal life with the love & companionship which is most inspiring for you.


Are you single but wishing you had a more fulfilling Love Life? Learning to master male-female dynamics is the key to your success in Love & Life. The Alchemy of Attraction coaching program is convenient by phone, to assist you as you learn new concepts and new behaviors for your success in dating.

Choose which day of the week you are available and get started learning how to date women with more grace & dignity. Women and men have more in common than they are different, and yet, the differences often cause communication break down.

The key to successfully dating women is understanding some basic etiquette about honoring the feminine. Women have been rising up, asking for equal pay and more respect with the #TimesUp & #MeToo movements, but of course they still want love and intimacy. Learning to communicate is essential.

Weekly sessions make all the difference.

Begin with a Discovery Session to get acquainted with Teresa’s gentle but focused demeanor. Then, each week, you’ll review what is working with the Action Plan she creates for you, and what needs more attention. Increasing your confidence and emotional IQ will equip you with the skills you need.


Read Client Testimonials:


“What a big help you’ve been! You confronted my issues & I’m so much stronger now as a result.”
MB, Publicist, Proctor & Gamble, Canton, OH

“Well, I was a knucklehead, I admit it. But I stayed with you & even though it took a few years, I’m now happily married. I had to change my ways. But I never wanted to give up. You gave me the inspiration & confidence that I’d find my way through those old patterns. Thank you so much.”
JN, CPA, Smith Barney, Manhattan, NY

“Teresa, you did the work that other psychologists and marriage counselors have failed to do for the past eight years.  I now have a completely different understanding of my ex-wife, and this is helping my relationship with her, as well as our children.  I can’t wait for you to help others like you have helped me.  Men need this work.”
WS, VP Marketing, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA

“Teresa was a delightful speaker on several occasions, which is why I keep inviting her to keynote for our largest convention each year!”
RG, SF Bay Society for Single Professionals, San Rafael, CA

“Thanks to your insightful program, I have reached my goals in spirituality and am enjoying a quality of life that I never thought I could. It has made a huge impact in my love relationship.”
PS, Branch Manager, Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland

“Teresa, it’s only been six months working with you, and I am engaged to be married!  I could never have done this without your insight and support.  You are amazing.  The invitation to our wedding will be arriving soon, I want you to be there.”
SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA

“You go, girl!  How I love this new goddess identity!  You have connected me with a higher frequency on my radio dial, if you know what I mean.  All my girlfriends want to talk with you, too.  I am relaxing into my feminine essence, and I could not have had a clue without your guidance.  It sounded easier than it was, and your guidance made all the difference.  Now I have my choice of many, truly impressive men.”
SQ, School Principal, Seattle, WA

“Teresa Ann Foxworthy saved my life. Prior to meeting her I was walking around on the verge of tears most of the time. Fortunate to meet her through a mutual friend, she gifted me my first counseling session in which she encouraged me to release my pent up emotions. This saved my life because I had finally found a person who had a technique that gave me the quality of positive attention that I needed, and the encouragement to start releasing 30 years worth of pent up emotions. Without a safe person to release these emotions with, I wouldn’t have been able to meet and sustain a six year relationship with the first man I’d ever been in love with. He and I shared six happy years together. He asked me to marry him, but I chose to pursue other paths. If I had not been able to counsel with Teresa, I doubt that I could have attracted this relationship into my life in which I felt more loved than I had ever felt before.  She has been my counselor through some very difficult periods of heartbreak. She is non judgmental, and has a superhuman capacity for compassion that allows her clients to feel loved, cared for and safe. She has been through many trials in her life, and has acquired the emotional intelligence to assist you through most of the difficulties that you might face.  She coaches from experience.  Teresa also has an innate intuition and evolved spirituality. She had her first angelic encounter when she was a child. Teresa is 100 percent dedicated to healing, awareness, spirituality, woman’s empowerment, happy relationships, and joy. In addition, although she may not advertise this, she is a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of the tantric arts.  Teresa demonstrates the capacity to be compassionate, while at the same time holding firm boundaries of self protection. She can teach you to do the same. Although she takes your issues and feelings seriously, she maintains a sense of humor and is usually up for a good laugh.  Teresa is dedicated to the highest truth, love and happiness for herself and for all who are lucky enough to work with her. Please feel free to call me if you would like my personal reference recommending her as a coach and feng shui consultant.”
CR, Holistic Practitioner, Tiburon, CA

“Those sessions I had with you got me back on track after some really awful times when I was ready to give up on everything.  As a mother, I knew I had to hold it together, but it was so hard. With your help I moved through mountains of inner trauma & self-defeating tendencies.”
SP, Women’s Advocate, Ex-Spouse of Microsoft Sr. Executive, Seattle, WA

“You have the energy of twenty coaches and the insight of a hundred. You’ve got the bull by the horns! Thank you for all the gems you’ve shared.”
NC, Retired Teacher, Baltimore, MD

“You articulated the problems we’re dealing with and gave insight into their solutions, yet we’d never met you before!”
GR & KK, San Francisco, CA

“You’ve helped me develop the confidence I’ve needed to take on the challenges in my life and follow through on my goals.”
DS, Executive Asst., Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, CA

“You basically fixed my relationship between myself & my two daughters, helped me get out of a dysfunctional romantic relationship that went on for years, helped me find my new vocation as an Advisor for Economic Development in Central America, & helped me sell my Tech Staffing firm worth $30Million! In eight short months! Wow.”
AT, Founder, TTS Agency, Palo Alto, CA

“It was so nice working with you, you brought me to a new place inside my soul.”
LR, homemaker, Mill Valley, CA

“You’re really, really good at what you do. After eight months of working with you, I have a completely new understanding of relationships and how to pursue them. With this new perspective, I am re-organizing my life. Your presence is powerful and soothing, your voice is calming. The open format allowed me the safety to open up and get help for these issues. Now that I’ve vented decades of repressed feelings, my goal achievement process is a breeze.”
RC, Land Developer, Petaluma, CA

“I was completely at a stand-still and you used interesting techniques that quickly shifted things for me.  I was amazed at the results.  I hadn’t had a date for over six months, and over night that changed with your Feng Shui for Romance consultation .  As the weeks go by, I have a clearer picture of what I am really working on to achieve my relationship goals.”
MT, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Redwood City, CA

“Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she’s the best therapist I’ve ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for the past 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques. I’ve reached a new level of self-awareness with her help and recognize a much deeper potential for my life.”
Mikial, Marriage & Family Therapist, San Diego

“You spoke exactly to my issues and led me through a fun and yet powerful process to a place where I can clearly and elegantly reclaim my truth, power, beauty and dignity.”
ME, Marriage, Family Therapist, San Rafael, CA

“I couldn’t believe after all these years that you were able to help me clear those blocks!  It’s been months, and I still feel great.”
MM, Homemaker, Sacramento, CA

“You’re more than a coach, you’re a healer.”
DP, CEO, Oracle Science, Int’l., Sausalito, CA

“The reading you did for my daughter was fabulous.  I just put a check in the mail for you to do me now!  You are really gifted.”
LB, Minister, Tampa, FL

“You are so entertaining and yet so profound.  I look forward to coming to more of your events.  I really enjoyed the people that attended, too.”
MB, Medical Administrative, Novato, CA

“Teresa, in one afternoon, you pulled me through a slump and got me back on top of my game!  Thank you for your insight and support.  You are impressive.  I definitely recommend your professional services.”
TL, CEO,, London, UK

“You’ve taught me more than I can say.  Your elegant manner doesn’t prevent you from being direct and on target.  You are patient, and yet apply the right amount of pressure to keep the ball moving forward.  It’s been a pleasure working with you.”
LS, Systems Engineer, Alere, Tiburon, California

“I hated to admit just how right you were, but I’m so grateful now because I am much happier as a result of following your advice.  Thank you.”
FE, Realtor, San Anselmo, CA

“Working with Teresa honestly felt divinely orchestrated, and unfolded organically on so many levels for my highest good. Her powerful yet loving energy took me places I didn’t expect to go that day, propelling me to face some things I would likely not have had the courage and/or insight to do on my own at the time. One of the most magical parts was that I have been recently strongly connecting with Goddess Kali (slayer of the ego, and bringer of truth), and in an intense few minutes during our session, it truly felt as though Kali was speaking directly to me through Teresa’s divine tongue/words! We continued to navigate some deep and rough waters together, with Teresa’s fierce support, guidance and love. Not long after our session, over the next week, I experienced profound shifts, healing and releasing, allowing me to move forward in the delicate and sacred arena of my personal relationship – with myself first, and my partner. I am grateful for her gifts of powerful presence and a no-nonsense approach infused with ecstatic love, in my life, as coach, sister and friend. If you are ready to to experience a breakthrough in your relationship journey on the path to your beloved, I highly recommend you contact Teresa today! ”
HD, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Florida, USA


Take the Leap

Enjoy the powerful phone support that sorts out your situation so you can start enjoy the company of that very special someone who inspires you more than anyone else. You will meet Her & start asking about Winning Her Heart.

As a man who really wants a relationship, you will breathe that sigh of relief, feeling like you are in control of your own Life. You will have weekly phone calls to help you practice the new behaviors which are essential for long-term relationship success.

Think how much time & money you have invested in your career. Doesn’t your personal happiness deserve at least as much?


Fill out this application for ANY Dating Skills Program.


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