Coaching Program

Are you single but wishing you had a more fulfilling Love Life? Learning to master male-female dynamics is the key to your success in Love & Life. The Alchemy of Attraction coaching program is convenient by phone, to assist you as you learn new concepts and new behaviors for your success in dating.

Choose which day of the week you are available and get started learning how to date women with more grace & dignity. Women and men have more in common than they are different, and yet, the differences often cause communication break down.

The key to successfully dating women is understanding some basic etiquette about honoring the feminine. Women have been rising up, asking for equal pay and more respect with the #TimesUp & #MeToo movements, but of course they still want love and intimacy. Learning to communicate is essential.

Weekly sessions make all the difference.

Begin with a Discovery Session to get acquainted with Teresa’s gentle but focused demeanor. Then, each week, you’ll review what is working with the Action Plan she creates for you, and what needs more attention. Increasing your confidence and emotional IQ will equip you with the skills you need.