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DATING SKILLS for MEN Coaching-by-Phone program ~ Weekly sessions make all the difference. Learn the skills which give THIS Dating Coach program a 98% success rate. Understand that when you invest in this program, you are going to learn social skills, relationship skills, confidence boosting techniques, wellness practices, and more, all of which will help you for the rest of your Life.

We’ve updated our website to give you more insight into how coaching can help you in one of the key areas of your Life. With practice, you will learn new behaviors to relax & enjoy the dating scene as you gain more confidence. To begin, CLICK HERE.



Teresa’s Dating Skills program has a 98% Success Rate when you follow her advice. She makes it easy & fun to be yourself while consciously BECOMING a nobler man. You will be creating more meaningful relationships in your Life. There are some obvious steps and some not-so-obvious milestones on the way to attracting & KEEPING the Love of Your Life.

Focusing on what you want, having 30 years of research at your disposal, practicing new ideas, clarifying your core values, updated your image to reflect the real you, all while getting closer to the people already in your life.

Regardless of your personality today, each module in this 3-Part Program is tailored for you, based on your answers to your feedback. I will keep checking in with you to verify your delight in what you are learning. There are approximately 8 new skills each month which you will study & improve for your dating goals.



To begin, just answer this short quiz. It will help you start realizing what qualities you really need in a mate. Feel how good it will be to get the support you need to get the Love you want.


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