Discover your Romantic Paradigm

There are more than 31 Flavors to explore.

You’ve heard of 31 Flavors of ice cream & 50 Shades of Grey. Now you can learn about the many romantic paradigms, to help you navigate the dating scene with more grace & dignity. Love in the 21stC can be a bit of the Wild West, with fewer, old-fashion, social norms. You have probably heard of chivalry, but are you aware of Tantra Yoga, Female Led Relationship, Rustic Romance, Victorian Households, Retro Romance, Polyamory, et al.?

Do you know which romantic flavors go into your recipe for YOUR personal fulfillment? Being authentic is easy when you do! When you are being intimate, do you know what you long to do, say, hear, etc? Take this quiz to discover your “preferences”, so you can better articulate them to your beloved, or use them to screen prospective partners. Increasingly your Loving Lexicon will help you relax & enjoy your romantic efforts, which women so appreciate. Once you know your preferences, prepare to listen to hers.

Begin with your Flirting style, then learn which fantasies most appeal to you, and finally understand what your fetishes mean about you & how to fulfill them in your romantic relationship.

BEGIN Here ~ What’s your Flirting Style?

After you finish that quiz, write down your answers in a journal and contemplate the kind of partner who would enjoy these personal preferences. Now you are ready to begin a conversation about these. Working with Teresa to teach you how to speak more directly about your desires, will raise your self-esteem and give you more confidence to fulfill your romantic desires.

You are more than a body! You have a heart & soul. So combine those attributes & discover how amazing you really are!

Recognizing your preferred Romantic Paradigm will nourish your heart & soul. When you love from your soul, you will make a more enduring match for your mate! Being authentic requires some introspection. The more you know about what you do & don’t want in your relationship, the quicker you will meet the woman who will fulfill your life-long fantasies.

Enroll in Teresa’s MASTERING MALE-FEMALE DYNAMICS Coaching-by-Phone, Relationship Skills program, just fill out this 5-minute application.

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