Begin the New Year Right


As the New Year begins, you have a powerful opportunity to expand your self-awareness and self-mastery as you navigate and master male-female dynamics. Weekly sessions make all the difference because consistent attention to your goals brings the desired results. Let’s review what you want and have you practice the new thoughts and behaviors which will help you create more fulfilling, romantic relationships.

Most issues which both individuals and couples describe can be anticipated. Though we are living in the 21st Century, male-female dynamics have been deeply rooted in our DNA. As we evolve to enjoy new skills, and discover new possibilities for our success & joy, we recognize how long-standing behaviors factor into our experience. Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to express at our highest human potential, beyond gender gaps, it’s true.

Each of us must identify what we want, generally or specifically, and then allow ourselves to receive the conditions or people or experiences which we’ve been craving. Open up to the possibilities which are patiently waiting for you to say, YES! Personal transformation is a result of self-mastery and the integration of your body-mind-heart and soul aspects of your being. If you build the Life for Her to show up, She will show up! Start with building a Life which appeals to you.

Make sure you have basic life management skills, like Work-Life Balance, to avoid the trap of workaholism.

Make sure when you look in the mirror, you like what you see.

Make sure you have the time to practice new behaviors, based on the new ideas which you are learning.



Coaching programs can range in topics based on your needs & goals.

For more information regarding any of Teresa’s coaching programs,

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Coaching is done via phone in most cases.

Weekly sessions make all the difference.

With a 98% success rate, you will learn the skills to help last a life time of happiness.

Teresa is a Life Coach who specializes in Relationship Goals. Her coaching programs address personal development, self-improvement, wellness, dating goals, interpersonal skills, public speaking, authentic presentations, leadership skills, branding & image makeovers, plus so much more. Each month you learn another 8 skills.

Investment: $6800 up front, or $2388/month per quarter.

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