Practicing New Behaviors

After the challenging years since our “new economy” began, this could be the year that you really tie up all the loose ends that you’ve had to chase after, with the recent adjustments you’ve no doubt been making. Usually, we’re either starting something new, finishing something we’ve started, or are in-between projects.

Where are you right now? Take a day or two to reflect on what’s most important to you now. Promise to Focus on the essentials this year: Health, Personal Growth, and Love. You don’t notice everything else falling into place. Recognize how love relationships do better when the other relationships in our life are going well, and vice versa. Notice the synergy here?


This gets so much easier with a Dating Coach who addresses both practical & intuitive aspects of your personality & presentation in the dating scene. Understand the persona you are projecting. Once you have clarified your core values & how you want to be loved, you have created the proper context to progress with your dating goals.


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